Tuesday, July 23, 2019

From Asakusa with Love

The day begin  in a quiet blur.

We all went out for a coffee at our favorite coffee house for a precious coffee moment at  our favorite  coffee place,  “Precious Coffee Moments.”

And we make our way out to see a temple in the historic district of Asakusa.

Some  Dutch get on making  noise than I can imagine.

I think of the old song Big in  Japan,
Life is actually not easy when you are big in Japan.
You  get in  the way.

At  the train station people  are  wearing kimono’s.

I  run to  the bathroom.

I have  to  say the bathrooms in Tokyo are impeccable.

A bidet in the train station bathroom.

I’m used  to  New York where  its anything but clean.

Here in  Tokyo the toilet is warmed.

The spray and the wash are on  hand for cleaning up and feeling good.

There is a sound machine for privacy if ones getting noisy.

The civilization  does not  end. 

Wandering through the arts  and crafts shops,
The  streets  full of  characters,  some  tourists, a  lot of  artisans selling their used goods.
Shrines to  old social  workers and  poets are  about.
Age old trees feel like monuments.
It reminds me of trips to other holy sites around the world.
People are  visibly moved.
But there is something less overwhelming, something lighter and free er about the old temple.
Incense fills the air. 
Ok maybe you’re a little zen says Caroline.
We keep walking.
Off for more  udon noodles.
I can’t have more  noodles.
Its like Italy.
You can’t eat noodles every day or you die.
You are in Tokyo.
You have to enjoy the noodles.
The  plan is to hit the Rippongi art triangle Tokyo.
Eating some  noodles, we  take a look for  directions.
All  museums are closed.
No problem.
The little one  is overjoyed.
So we walk to Harajuku.
The street feels like Santa Monica Boulevard or Las Rambles.
Pop art and design everywhere.
We walk and laugh.
And walk and laugh all day.