Thursday, April 26, 2012

Polar Bear Earth Ride This Sunday


Environmental Activists dressed as polar bears on bikes search for rapidly disappearing ice while demanding clean renewable energy, conservation, and greener polices from banks and corporations

“Ride a Bike!  Save a Bear!” declare polar bears.
Benjamin Shepard – 917 586 7952
Monica Hunken 917-399-7563

What: Polar Bear Earth Ride  
When: Sunday, April 29th at Union Square
Starts: 1:30pm, Union Square Park south –Riders dressed as polar bears will dance and shout and ride and look for ice among the warm spring time.

New York, NY (April 29th, 2012)  This Sunday, April 29th, polar bear supporters --many dressed as bears themselves--will join a Polar Bear Earth Ride organized by Time’s Up!, a direct action environmental group. They will call attention to the need to protect the green community spaces that gardens provide and to alert New Yorkers of the dangers of the impending Spectra Pipeline in the West Village. 

"The polar bears aren't the only ones who will suffer from climate change, as the arctic warms the whole world will feel the disruptions in our weather; hurricanes, flooding, heat waves, earthquakes,” noted Times Up! volunteer Monica Hunken, the organizer for the ride. “ The Earth is sending us a strong message!  Ride a bike! Demand renewable energy and greener polices from banks and the rest of those climate-killing corporations!"

“In the midst of the warmest weather in memory, we are all left to wonder what happened to winter?” explained Benjamin Shepard, a Times Up volunteer who will dress like a polar bear this Sunday.  "We all have to do whatever we can to help raise awareness about climate change and the many species it is driving to extinction, including our beloved polar bears."

Group highlights six steps to save polar bears and humans: 1) take action, 2) buy organic and local, 3) use less packaging and no bottled water, 4) ditch fossil fuels, 5) energy proof your home, and 6) ride a bicycle.

 See last year's Times Up’s Polar Bear Ride.
TIMES UP! is a non-profit environmental group that has been using educational outreach and direct action for the last 20 years to promote a more sustainable, less toxic city.

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