Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Students to the CUNY Board of Trustees: #CUNYFirstOrCuomoFirst ?

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On March 12, I joined a group of students at Brooklyn College asking the Board of Trustees at the college.Outside the Board of Trustees meeting, we rallied to ask that the Board of Trustees serve CUNY first, not Cuomo first.

Arriving at the action, students were chanting: "Hey Cuomo, what do you say?  How many students did you starve today?"

The organizers explained: "Cuomo and the CUNY Board of Trustees are scared. They are scared of what will happen when students, workers and communities unite to defend public higher education. On Monday, March 12th we have an opportunity to show them what that looks like.
We Demand fully funded CUNY that includes:
-Adequate funding for maintenance and emergency infrastructure funding to compensate for the Governor's continual veto of the Maintenance of Effort Bill
-A student activity fee under democratic student control
- A pledge to no tuition hikes and a return to truly free tuition (looking at you, Excelsior scholarship)
- 7K per course compensation for adjuncts and adequate pay for all faculty and staff.
We are all united in our struggles."

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