Friday, August 23, 2019

Summer Homecoming in NYC

Great seeing friends at the 169! walking Coney Island, roller scating  in the park, Lovely to c my NYC peeps. Thanks for the pic babs! — with Emily Schuch and Emily Gallagher at 169 Bar E. Broadway Lower Eastside.

Homecoming and travel.
They work in tandem.
Returning home from parts unknow.
Seeing something magnificent within the wreckage
Of the city.
Here there and NYC.
My adopted home. 
Chatting with neighbour Greg.
R u ready to BBQ?
With Joe the fishmonger,
Greeting the bike shop guy. 
Making my way to protest and an art opening,
A walk on the bridge.
Roller  skating to the  beats of
Prince and Madonna
Lucky Stars and Darling Nikki in the summer night,
Prospect park
Summer night forever.
Sailor Moon forever.
Back to Yoga and Jujitsu.
Protests in  Confucius Plaza.
Block party on Wooster.
Mom’s back.
Here and there.
Before  and back.
To the beach
Birds and characters.
Waves and bodies,
Women selling fur coats.
Beer and pierogis at Volna.
Immigrants making this home,
Bringing us something  lovely.
Kids swimming.
Kites flying.
Dancing with the birds.
Bodies moving.
Darting in and out of the water. 
The little one jumping off my shoulders.
Splash into the waves.
Love the feeling  of the water.
A beer on the boardwalk with the Russians.
Dancing like no one dances on  the Coney Boardwalk.
The Wonder Wheel spinning.
On our way back home.
Back to 169 Bar.
A city of friends
Reconverging for a minute.
Talking this bike wreck,
This cop,
Rat flatted in the streets.
Dick picks on the walls.
Coming and going.
Riding past Delancey Street.
Past sweet summer.
Grateful to be here.
To be there. 


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