Sunday, February 21, 2021


Oysters a la sewage at the cafe rezone. #nogowanusrezone #nodevelopergiveaways


Waves of displacement and pandemic got you down? The smell of

toxic waste making you blue? Join us Sunday, February 21st at the Café Rezone, a

special Gowanus outdoor dining pop-up highlighting the Gowanus rezoning.

You’ll find exclusive, upper echelon diners sitting at table, red-checked tablecloths,

candles. Come taste something foully enchanting.

Stop by to pick up the full menu and see what’s being served up in the rezone by

Chef De Blasio and Sous Chefs Lander and Levin!

Details for February 21, 2021:

Start: First 1 PM performance in the park surrounding the Old Stone House,

then heading toward Union Street Bridge via the Third Street Bridge distributing

menus and flyers along the way

Conclusion: Second 2pm performance, Gowanus Canal at the Union Street Bridge

Limited Menu Sneak Preview:

Pan-seared Public Place Toxins

Fricasse of Luxury Unit drizzled with CSO sauce

Displacement a la Gowanus

Char-grilled lobbying dollars with a manufacturing reduction

Free range Flood Risk du jour

Cafe con toxic sludge

Raw sewage salad, with black mayonnaise

Baked ULURP Scramble (deconstructed) for dessert







We join with community groups citywide to say NO to Planning Together, Corey Johnson’s bill for Top-Down City Planning also known as Intro 2186. Link in bio to testify or submit written comments for Tuesday’s City Council hearing on Intro 2186. We need to speak now if we want a say in planning the future of our city! See for a great video explaining this bill. Posted @withregram  @stopsunnysideyards Corey Johnson’s comprehensive plan is the last thing we need. Read the press release detailing the reasons for our opposition. 





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