Monday, January 3, 2022

Tree Sit in City Hall Park, #earthriot.... #savethetrees🌲💚🌳 #saveeastriverpark #1000people1000trees


Throughout the history of the fights for the commons, regular people have occupied public spaces, trees, gardens, and other commons to defend public space.  Julia Butterfly Hill famously dwelled in a 1500-year-old California redwood tree for over two years in the late 1990's.  Throughout the last quarter century, community garden activists have defended their gardens in the same way. With storm warnings on the way, activists climbed some trees in East River Park to save the trees from demolition.  I greeted the activists this morning at nine AM. Many had been in the trees for two and a half hours, in the thirty degree temperatures. We love you public space supporters screamed.    

Late last night, I got a message about the action from 1001people1000trees declaring: "TODAY, come out!!! In Protection of East River Park. We refuse ESCR. We want to survive. Land Back is the Cities too. Gather 8AM inside #EastRiverPark Houston Entrance.   When I got to the park entrance at Houston Street, I saw tree sitters in trees. One of them, Savitri D said she'd been there since 630 AM to defend the trees. posted a message stating: "Greeting the dawn in the arms of a great sentinel. Thank you Earth. Honor and protect the trees, and the life they support, known and unknown.   

By lunchtime, 1001people1000trees posted:  "All 5 tree sitters are down!!! The City had planned to fence off more of the park today and as of now no additional fencing has been installed!!! This section of the park is STILL open!!! Warm up & head back to the park at 1PM for Community Gather!!!  Thank you tree sitters!!! We love you!!!!  Please bring more materials to make signs for fence and hot drinks to share!!!"

We will be back in the park tomorrow at 1 PM and every day this week. 
Join us, support the public commons for all.       

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