Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dance Party in the East Village! HONK

Every year around October, marching bands converge in New York.  They come from Chicago and New Orleans, sometimes Rome or even Marseille.  They crash on couches. And music flows from the community gardens through the streets and clubs throughout New York.  The first night of Honk was at Barbes, my favorite club in Brooklyn.  The Nevermind Orchestra, the brass Nirvana cover band, played first, followed by Slavic Soul Party.  Tuesday at Barbes is about the best night in town. The Nevermind jam of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" spirals through waves of beats, layers of sound, pulling, ebbing, and diving through moods, sax solos, punk, and beats with a crescendo of cultural appropriation, keeping the old alive, while moving ideas forward. We were at Barbes for hours. 

Tuesdays, the vibe continued.  Arriving, one of the drummers was fighting on Avenue A. Too much tequila. He was arrested.  Probably send to sleep it off.  In a scramble they found a few drummer on the spot.  Disaster averted, the music continued, with influences from Harlem and Chicago to Marseille and the East Village and back again.  Every band surprised me. I adore the dancing bodies of the Mraching Cobras, the maniacal anarchism of Environmental Encroachment, and the joyous showmanship of Le Pompier Poney Club from Marseille.   I fall in love with them every time they play.  The feeling was everywhere Wednesday night.

Dance Party in the East Village!

HONK NYC annual school night DANCE PARTY returns to the East Village and DROM.

Hosted by the cranky, cantankerous couple: Harder and Caswell, aka Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen

From New York:

Frank London & Die Lederschnitzelfresser (NYC) plays funky Oktoberfest music. This is German dance hall brass band music, played Lower East Side style!
Featuring vocalist Tine Kindermann.
Time: 11:15pm...

Marching Cobras - Cobra Performing Arts, Inc Program (NYC)
Authentic Harlem drum line and dance team - like no other!
Time: 9:20pm

Visiting Acts:

Le Pompier Poney Club (Marseille)
Created in 2012 in Marseille, Le Pompier Poney Club is an international fanfare with members from across France, Belgium, Rome & New York. This super energetic brass band blows ferocious musical wind here, there and everywhere! Comfortable in the streets as on stage, you’ll find them in all kinds of events: festivals and neighborhood gatherings, cultural and social initiatives, protests and parades, tiny bars and large parties.
Time: 10:40pm

Environmental Encroachment
Chicago performance art group Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses a marching band, costumes, and antics to create unique entertainment environments. EE's mission is to create playgrounds for the body and mind through dance, music and art.
Time: 10pm

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