Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Group Ride against The Dakota Access Pipeline as Four Activists Occupy Spectra Pipeline

Yesterday, I joined a group of friends from Public Space Party for a group ride in support of the campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The announcement for the ride declared:

Group ride and action against bank investment in The Dakota Access Pipeline!

What: a group bike ride stopping at multiple bank offices to pass out fliers and inform people about the banks’ involvement in the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and how they can divest their money. Bring a bike, get a Citibike, or come without a bike. We got you!
We will end at Times Square, with a rituak act about the DAPL destruction by the Living Theatre.
4-6pm Monday, Oct 10th, 2016 Indigenous Peoples Day
Where: meet at Columbus Circle, NYC
**Bring your own water bottle, mug or cup for part of our ritual!**

*Join a bike ride/ action in NYC as part of International Days of Prayer and Action with Standing Rock.
Oct. 8-11, 2016*

The world is watching a battle unfold in the heart of our country. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are defending their land and water from the Dakota Access Pipeline and people across the nation are standing up in solidarity.

What can we do about it in New York City? Hit em where it hurts- follow the money!
NY houses some of the headquarters of the big banks that are invested in the DAPL and many other bank lobbies abound.

Join us in a bike ride fliering at these different banks to alert people to their banks' dirty deeds and offer alternatives. Ride ends with special performative happening from the Living Theatre!

Citibank is one of the top lenders that is making the Dakota Access Pipeline possible. Let's turn attention to these funders by using their citibike advertising against them! A crowd of (citi)bikes spreading information about divesting from businesses cooperating with this construction! Bring a bike, get a Citibike or come without a bike. We got you!

This is a local event responding to the international call for action below:

*The International Days of Prayer and Action with Standing Rock |
October 8-11, 2016**

Throughout the ride, we made our way to banks financing the pipeline.  We went inside the bank lobbies where we toasted the possibilities of a world where we rejected such a model of favor of abundance, clean water, and respect for the Earth.

Several of the organizers were with the Living Theater, still out there touring, imagining, and occupying public spaces, transforming them into sites for performance.

We talked about the road trips and stories about being on the road with the old theater collective.

As we rode, a few activists just north of the city had locked themselves up inside the AIM Pipeline.
It was a wild day.

Protesters crawl and lock inside Spectra Pipeline
Erik McGregor writes:
Four Water Protectors Crawl Inside Pipe to Stop Construction of Spectra 
Energy’s AIM Pipeline, on Indigenous Peoples’ Day Defenders take action 
along the Hudson to halt plans to pull AIM pipeline under the river. The protectors 
have been inside the pipeline for more than seven hours and continue to sustain the occupation. Two support people were also arrested on site and charged with 
criminal trespass; a third support person was arrested on public property merely on 
suspicion of illegal activity by association.

Erik McGregor photos
The activists were still inside the pipeline as we rode from bank to bank throughout our adventure.  They would stay inside for almost 18 hours.  We toasted the activists as we rode.    

Here are a few photos from the adventure from Columbus Circle to Times Square.

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