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People participate in a Tax Day protest on April 15, 2017, in New York City.  Bottom photo.Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

Gays Against Guns joins the New York City Tax March, Saturday, April 15, at 1:00pm in Bryant Park, followed by a march to Columbus Circle.
Demand Don’s returns. The Cheeto Czar can’t be allowed to peddle his agenda of death—ripping away health care, reversing Obama’s progress on climate change, pushing the NRA’s vile Reciprocity bill, and now bombing Syria—without telling how he stands to profit, and who (Putin?) will profit with him.
Featuring a special Sight GAG performance: “No Representation Without Taxation” and some sassy new protest tunes from GAG Reflex"

I am amazed there are still so many people taking part in resistance activities around the country. I had been out of town all week. But I saw that people were gathering at Bryant Park for a tax day rally, demanding transparency from the administration, reminding us to follow the money, to connect the dots between the US and Russia undermining US demcracy.  I ran into friends from the neighborhood as well as people from around the city.  My friend Jenny had just gotten out of jail from the action on Thursday at Trump Tower.  My friend Leslie was there making an appearance after her book tour, Rise and Resist and Gays against Guns were there performing.  

The Resistance is strong. Activists were there to remind the world that progressive tax policy matters; regressive tax policy creates the sorts of gaps in deficits that preclude future generations from being able to act. Reagan/Bush did it, cutting taxes for the rich and leaving the Clinton administration with a deficit; by the time Clinton left office the deficit was gone. We were closer to surpluses. But Bush spent that as soon as  he entered office, cutting taxes for the rich again.  And Obama was left with a deficit which hampered action. Trump wants regular Democrats to support his tax plan.  I certainly hope it does not happen. There is revenue out there for schools and hospitals, public infrastructure and growth.  Narratives of austerity need to be rejected in favor of tax policies, such as the millionaires tax, the financial transaction tax, which take a grip on Wall Street profits, not the services for the 99% who work harder and get less for it every year. 

As the Bold Progressives write: "Democrats need to be clear: Bold tax reform that will win over voters in 2018 is tax reform that ensures millionaires, billionaires and corporations pay their fair share so we can fund jobs, education programs, and services working families rely on. Bold tax reform does not look like trillions of dollars of tax cuts for the wealthy and Wall Street that leave everyone else holding the bag."


This is what democracy looks like: 200+ marches and rallies around the world were organized today – with more than 25,000 people taking to the streets in D.C. alone – to demand that Donald J. Trumprelease his tax returns.

But this is just the beginning. Today, we marched. Tomorrow, the real fight begins. Say you're

This weekend, 125,000 of you came out in NYC and nearly 200 other cities and towns across the nation to demand that Trump release his tax returns.
We definitely got his attention:
Trump tweet
But we didn't just get into Trump's head on Twitter.
We said NO to his proposed tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires and corporations. We called attention to all the immigrants and working families who pay a higher percentage in taxes than Trump and his Wall Street buddies. And we told him loud and clear: Americans will keep on fighting to hold you accountable.
Trump tried to claim that the public "didn't care at all" about his tax returns.1
Your support and activism helped make this weekend's Tax March a nationwide success -- and proved him dead wrong.
Watch and share our video of highlights of Tax Marches in NYC and across the country here:
Watch the video
And let’s keep on working to turn our energy into action together.
Can you join us tonight at 6pm as we close out Tax Day at a rally demanding Wall Street billionaires pay their fair share?
Here are the details:
WHEN: TODAY, Tuesday, April 18, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
WHERE: Goldman Sachs HQ, 200 West St., New York, NY. RSVP on Facebook here.
In solidarity,
Amanda Johnson
Working Families Party

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