Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Beauty Still Resides


Thunder cracked in the night waking me. 
Its all a nightmare, the court tilting further and further. 
The darkness envelops me. 
But Pete's words, its always darkest before the dawn. 
And then beauty returns, despite the treachery of history.  
The people around me. 
The clouds in the summer sky 
I think about the delirious Argentina soccer fans watching the game 
without shirts in Brighton Beach, the Russians amiably cheering them on.  
The black girls cheering the pride march on Sunday, like its a carnival. 
The Garden of Eden adult day care center that made us laugh. 
The view of the city from the subway on the way back home from the beach. 
The gardens and streets on the walk back home.
The sun ripping through the sky.
The fireflies in Mom's back yard.
A bike ride through Red Hook, a summer walk through Chinatown, murals everywhere. 
The morning rain. 

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