Monday, August 20, 2018

Life Under Water .... learning from the waterfront in New York

They say the beaches of New York leave something to be desired.
I tend to disagree. 
Fort Tildon
Jacob Riis, 
Breezy Point,
Coney Island,
Brighton Beach...
They all work, connecting our little bodies with larger forces, in motion, 
the water, the oceans, and larger pools of surprise.
Thursday, we piled up and headed to the beach for the day. 
Reading, napping, swimming, jogging, body surfing.
Swimming far out, something nibbled my toe.
Maybe a crab, or something larger?
I wasn't waiting around to find out. 
Friday, we explored the aquarium at Coney Island that was destroyed by Sandy, full of sharks and secrets and wonderful creates, sea turtles, sea lions reminding us we live in a delicate, delicate ecology full of secrets lives and beauty, worth preserving. 
There's a lot to contemplate looking at the ocean.
Old shipwrecks become a part of the sea world, homes to lobsters, plastic bottles now fill the oceans.
All weekend, we tried to be a part of it, making props, the rain pouring on our ever evolving waterfront, the kids playing, going out to shows, as we cooked and friends dropped by, and summer wound to a slow end. 

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