Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Visiting Madame X, other friends and strangers

Boiserie from the Hôtel Lauzun, Carved and painted oak, French, Paris
Everyone is looking for something here. 
For some its solidarity, as
Athena reminds us, 
 how many stories there are in the United States of Americans,
her lights shining at the Old Stone House. 
For others, its another day of summer.
So we wander through the city, 
greeting the manga comics at Kinokuniya.
The English translation of the new Yotsuba  comes out soon. 
We eat with Barbara and Colin and Wendy and JC on the East River,
conspiring to read Moby Dick.
And make our way for one more night at Coney Island,
greeting the arcade and the baseball players.
And the people selling paintings, sitting on the stoop at the Met. 
What are you going to visit asked Catherine, leaving as we were arriving?
The American wing, to say hello to George crossing the Delaware and John Singer Sargent. 
To get there, we pass by Aphrodite and Heracles and Bacchus, reminding 
us of our time in Naples and Rome.  The last time we saw them was at the 
Nice to see you again. 
Let me show you the fresco I love, notes the little one. 
Past Persephone and Winter we walk.
And then lets go the princess rooms.
The Boiserie from the Hotel Lauzum is still her secret place.
How come I can't sleep in a canape like that? 
How come the world doesn't look like this, like Vienna, like Paris?
What happened? 
Good question. 
Off we walk to the American wing, to see more friends. 
Past the Heavenly Bodies show, about Catholic fashion.
We keep on walking to say hello to Madam X one more time, adorned with shoulder straps. 
To greet old friends and new ones.  

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