Thursday, October 31, 2019

Clara Joy Halloween Show and the Cannibal Girls, on imitation and influence

No more future!!!!! — at Trans-Pecos.



·  7:00 PM  
featuring Clara Joy as Daniel Johnston
The Sellouts as BIKINI KILL
Griffy Jones & The Phantom Band as Nickel Creek
Hello Mary as Hole
Cannibal Girls as The Sex Pistols
Clovis as Sleep”

Cannibal Girls at work!

Mothtreee told me the Sex Pistols wrote their song “Bodies” about a fan who used to carry her aborted fetus to their shows in a plastic bag. They made a treehouse for her in the institution where she lived.
Her name was Pauline she lived in a tree” sang the  Sex Pistols.
Four decades later, Johnny Rotten  explained:

Life’s complicated.
Pro-choice, the band plays it.
With updated lyrics, genders flipped, dancing through subjectivities.
Pushing  back  at social controls.
Punk rock is about freedom of ideas and speech.
Even if supporters want to control it. 
To  curtail  it, censor it.  

“For one night, we’re the  Sex Pistols,” declares Maya, …despite their violence against women, she cautions, ostensibly referring to the band’s troubled relationship with Nancy Spungen.

I won't live to be 21,” said Nancy at the time. And she was right.

The hi-hat not working, the band thunders through their set of Sex Pistols covers and Cannibal Girls originals at Trans Pecos.

The mosh pit fills with bodies.
“God Save  the Queen,”
“a fascist regime…”
Followed by:
“Pretty Vacant,
“Bodies,” with the familiar lament,
“Fuck this  and fuck that
Fuck it all and fuck the fucking brat…”
Mothtreee and Maya switching vocals, fake British accents,
Sharing the leads as Josie beat those drums, 
Absent hi hat.
“Anarchy in the UK” following.
wants to be anarchy.

“We’re no longer the Sex Pistols, but we are still anarchists,” declares Mothtreee, as the
Cannibals begin their originals,

“Live Wire”
 “Fractured Mirrors.”
I forget the other one.

“Fractures mirrors broke her spirit,” screams Mothtreee.
“Fractured mirrors broke her  spirit,” Maya follows,
Much more tight with their own music.
The  crowd moshing, bouncing even more,
Bodies in their hands.
Mothtreee and Maya clashing about.
The band pushing back against the anxiety of influence,
Creating a sound,
Supporting a scene of their own.
On a rainy night in Brooklyn.

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