Friday, November 1, 2019

It’s a Climate Crisis: Shut Down BlackRock! Sunrise NYC Sunrise Movement Extinction Rebellion NYC Extinction Rebellion 350 Brooklyn 350 NYC Peoples Climate Movement NY Peoples Climate Movement Rise and Resist RevBilly & Stop Shopping Choir.

Black Rock, get off it. The people over profit!

Black Rock you can't hide. We can see your greedy side! — at New York City - Manhattan - Nyc.

Ken Schles, photo and caption:
"With $7T in assets, we’ve seen how #blackrock moved markets while destroying habits and ecosystems around the globe, systematically and collectively destroying the earth’s ability to self regulate its #climate . We’re just beginning to see how catastrophic storms and droughts, extreme weather, ocean acidification is leading to planetary ecosystem collapse. Their greed drives #foodinsecurity , mass migration and political upheaval. It has contributed to millions of deaths per year from #airpollution and hundreds of billions in infrastructure loss due to storms, fires and floods. Impossible to fully put these losses in personal terms, we increasingly mark these losses by evoking names like #paradise , the town wiped out by fire, or #maria the storm that killed 3,000 on the island of Puerto Rico. But as the names pile on, one after the other, we become numb to the losses: #dorian , #haiyan , #katrina , #mendocinocomplex . Three cities with a combined population of over 22M, Kolkata, Bangkok and Jakarta are expected to disappear within the next 30 years from floods and land subsidence. At current rates 1,000,000 species will see extinction by this century’s end.
.BlackRock, don’t turn this planet into a black rock.

On Monday night, I  got an email  about an action targeting BlackRock:
Join us on the morning of Tuesday October 29th, the Sandy anniversary, to send BlackRock a loud and clear message. We will be on the 51st street side of their skyscraper HQ starting at around 8:15am. It’s on 51st street between Park and Madison. If you work 9-5 please come before work. Bring signs and get ready to get loud with groups including Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir (Earthalujah!), New York Communities for Change, People's Climate Movement-NY, Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club, Beloved Community of Riverside Church and many more.  Larry Fink, it’s time to step up Larry Fink, it’s time to step up and ACT not TALK.”  

Activists from all over the city were  there.
Making plans, talking,  and speaking out:

“Lets  not have a silent spring, lets have a screaming spring,” screamed Rev Billy.

“This is our time to act” Greg of XR, followed.

“BlackRock funds irreversible destruction!”

BlackRock fuels  climate  chaos.
ACT NOW scream activists blocking the doors to BlackRock.

BlackRock today.
Next time, its Cricket Valley Fracked Gas Power Plant in New York.
Fossil Fuel infrastructure must be stopped.
After all, it is a  climate crisis. 

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