Friday, April 10, 2015

Judith Malina: RIP

Malina smiling at the last glorious show at the living theater.
she said it was the best thing she ever wrote. 

Last night, a few of us went to see Monica’s new play City That Sleeps, a play about New Yorkers’ dreams.

After the show we hung out and as usual, the subject of Judith Malina and the Living Theater came up.   Earlier today, Hunken texted me telling Judith was gone.

Malina and Hunken on stage.

Malina reminded me of so many things. More than anything, she created a commons of ideas.

It was a space where we danced and dreamed.  It helped us smile and feel and reflect on the pain of history, as well as the beauty of our lives.

I loved seeing the Living Theater and sometimes even her in the back watching. Her last glorious show at the Living Theater space on Clinton Street, she rose to a standing ovation.

Malina and Penny.

blurry images of a pulsing artist. it was hard to even capture her on film

She brought to much care and passion, art and meaning, so many questions.  She reminded us that those in prison matter. The revolution matters. Freedom matters. Ideas matters. God Speed Judith! 

After the show, I said goodnight to her, walking out into the cold New York air, feeling the wind blowing as I looked at the city, feeling a part of everything.  The living theater extending from the theater into the streets.  That was always her point.  The living theater is everywhere she helped me see. It is every policeman, every conversation, everywhere. We just have to see it and take part.

Thank you Judith.  Long live the beautiful anarchist revolution. 

And now it is up to all of us to keep the Living Theater breathing every day of our lives, every time we stroll through the streets, or help create that beautiful anarchist revolution in our everyday life.

Monica Hunken, who performed with Malina as well as many others in the Living Theater,  posted a note.

The world has lost one its greatest heroines of all time. Judith Malina died this morning. Judith was brave. Judith was strong love. Judith was fighting and creating till the end of her incredible life. I am so thankful for her, for everything she taught me about faith and the human spirit.
I have a memory so emblazoned in my mind.
I was doing a play with Judith in which her character dies. The moment before, Judith gripped my hand so tight and looked into my eyes, burned right through them and called out, WHY? She told me with her piercing eyes- why did she have to leave this earth when she still had so much work to be done? WHY?
I'm afraid that we have failed this amazing woman. We have not made the beautiful non-violent anarchist revolution and goddamnit! we should have done that by now! For a tiny woman, she left huge shoes to fill. Let's get cooking, people! Judith is calling to us! I love you dearly Judith!
Thank you everyone who surrounded her with so much love in the end of her days. My heart goes out to all of you.

Go back to the globe Judith. Take a seat in the only world that was ever really real.


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