Saturday, September 17, 2016

Circus Amok – Smaller Rawer Free er

Friday afternoon I rode out to Tompkins Square Park for the Circus Amok show, Smaller Rawer Free er.
Circus Amok returns to the streets of New York!
Join us, September 9-18, for our 22nd madcap spectacle. This year, we come to you unplugged, pared down, raw and raucous. Who needs a sound system when you have opera star Heather Green???

In an attempt to thwart what ails us, Circus Amok uses high theory and low comedy to create a temporary euphoria, fueled by anger and seasoned with sass. Scintillating stars, awesome animal achievements, fine feats of balance, jaunty jugglers, elaborate escapology, and heart stopping's all here, all real, all 


And I was thrilled I went.  The shows funny, telling and funny and telling and so much more, perhaps even reinvigorating.  The feeling of the end of summer, of fall coming, of old New York is everywhere. 

“A skeleton walked into a bar and asked for a beer and a mop,” Jennifer smiles, always a schtich bearded lady.  She liberates herself from a strait jacket to the tune of “I Will Survive”, but we are the ones who get to scream what she is liberating herself from the shackles of. “You can say anything – I’m not going to tell you.  I’m a hack.”  But Jennifer is not a hack. Rejecting the didactic, she invites us to convey the negative in our own special ways.
:”Fuck the police!”
“Donald Trump, glue your mouth together.”
Jennifer liberates herself and we are all free.
The band is great.  The group is hilarious.

There are three shows left and worth every penny. 

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