Sunday, September 4, 2016

Streetscape New York City - From Bond to Rivington Streets

Scene from a pizza shop on Avenue A.

Walking home from dropping number two at skateboard camp, I strolled down Bond Street in the Gowanus.  There are new buildings everywhere. But the old canal is also still there.  A new piece of art had found its way onto the corner of Bond and Second Street since I last walked here. So I stopped to take a picture and kept on walking. Down the the street by Degraw some guys were painting a mural. The city is changing. But art is everywhere.  That's what it was like this first week back at work, writing, teaching, going to see some friends out.  Riding past a pizza shop, stopping for a bite on Ave A, drawn to Rivington Street, between the community gardens, and ABC No Rio now being remade in front of us, with a few messages remaining in the graffiti.  A mural by Kenny Sharf down the street by Siempre Verde - my heart wells up with happiness to be back in my beloved New York City.

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