Thursday, September 15, 2016

One Term Mayor Gives the City to Developers, Plans to Destroy Elizabeth Street Garden, Invites Developers to Submit Proposals!

Yesterday, I got an email from one of the supporters of Elizabeth Street Garden, who explained the city has put up a for sale sign at Elizabeth Street Garden.  The Mayor has already allowed the deed for Rivington House to be given to a developer.
And now a the beloved Elizabeth Street Garden, one of the most
beautiful int the city, is being given to developers, despite 

alternate sites being readily available.  We lost Roger That Garden earlier this year.
And now, the city wants to develop this jewel in a space in the city with little open green space.

Save Our Garden, Write the Mayor
City Invites Developers to Submit Proposals to Destroy 
Elizabeth Street Garden

Garden Supporters Vow to Fight!

Join Friends of Elizabeth Street Garden at a press 
conference from 1 – 2  p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21 
at Elizabeth Street Garden to let the mayor and city 
council know that our community will not be ignored 
and that Elizabeth Street Garden should be saved!

Yesterday, NYC Housing Preservation and Development
Elizabeth Street Garden, our beloved neighborhood 
green space in the heart of historic Little Italy. Garden 
supporters, who have worked tirelessly for the past three 
years to transform the beautiful garden into a virtual
 outdoor community center, vow to fight to save what
 many refer to as the “soul of the neighborhood."

"The City has repeatedly threatened to move forward
 with plans to build on the Garden, and we knew this 
day would come," said Jeannine Kiely, president of 
Friends of Elizabeth Street Garden. "We will not back
 down and allow real estate developers and elected 
officials to ignore us any longer. Council Member Chin
 has turned a deaf ear to her constituents, who
 overwhelmingly support saving Elizabeth Street Garden. 
Unfortunately, the administration is once again allowing 
politics to determine policy, despite receiving 4,500 
community letters in support of saving the Garden 
and despite Manhattan Community Board 2’s
 recommendation for an alternative site with the 
potential for five times more affordable housing."

Roger That Garden was already lost this year. 

Garden Hours

Open daily in early fall, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., weather

Volunteers serve to keep the Garden operating
Email to

It is time to turn up the heat and let the city know
 how important
 this space is for everyone.
Save the garden! Save the City!

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