Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Don't Like Mondays, but others disagree in an East Village simulacrum in clubland #Brassy

Monday is Funday Outrage Party Rumpus Room where you can hang with the craziest crew this side of Walla Walla Washington including Harry Alex ElseNatasha KomisDana SBJay RiveraTimothy ReynaMarzia AloisiCody NashobaJane SoranSeven WaltzAstria Glitter GlambertHaley VaracalloHenry McNallyRosalyn MercedesEmily RomineJonathan Lee, and Michael J Petrilak for a live performance by Bberlay with music (or something similar to music) by Whillyem ThrillwellAndrew Taveras and special guest Anna Cecilia! Be there or...well, just be there!

People used to hate Mondays.

But over time, this seems to have changed, the city welcoming these early week moments, seeing friends, cooking, writing, thinking about the world, and maybe making it out into the  city on a night when a lot of the tourists are asleep.  On Mondays, NYC feels like it really belongs to us.
The morning blurred over from the night before when our sister in law won an Oscar, La La won then it lost to better film, much like most of America wanted the election to turn out. But that wasn’t to be. So we had the movies and our friends to cheer with.

So we went to visit Christian’s to check out his new dudgeon.  Everyone loves Master Avery, who told us about his new movie, shared a few of his secrets of the trade and a gentle lashing among friends.  With a proper warm up, the whip wakes the skin, endorphins move, and each lash hurts so good. The lashings tingled and stung. But the bull whip really hurt.

And a few of us made our way to Michael Alig’s Outrage party, where the club kids still own the city, at least for a few hours. Some remember the Limelight; others were never there.  They create their own world. But after years of attacks on nightlife, its good to see someone still out there creating spaces for everyone to play.

Alig then and now. 

And everyone  danced, and took pictures of themselves dancing, and showed videos, and took pictures of themselves hanging out looking spontaneous chatting, and getting drinks and taking a few more pictures.  Night life is a simulacrum of images and representations.  It doesn't really matter if its an imitation of what New York has been, as long as the feeling is real, the kids are real, the dancing is real, the doorman is real, the drinks are real.  It all blurs. Billy talked about the joy of living and keeping NYC lusty and lively, full of fantasy and pleasure and dancing. He found has activist chops in ACT UP throwing condoms in St Pats during the infamous Stop the Church Action of 1989. Babs laughed, recalling her Limelight days, and Austin chatted with the women in the video montage from #Brassy. The Rumpus Room was thumping. The bar tender made fun of me for ordering a Pabst.  "You want a wine cooler next?"  Cheap beer always keeps me honest, even here, when Monday is funday, closer to Tuesday and the kids wake in a few hours.  Time to get home before someone gets hurt.  So I rode home back to holy Brooklyn. 

#Brassy times between Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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