Monday, March 20, 2017

Rocky Mountain Rumble - Roller Derby in the Rockies

We came to Colorado for a roller derby tournament.  But it was the morning sunrise that got to me.

The trip out felt odd.  Sure the kids spent a year in California a decade ago. I've not been to Colorado
since we went for a ski trip in eighth grade three decades prior. I loved it then, skiing, smoking, listening to the Jam, hanging friends from all over the school.

But this felt different.

Arriving, we rented a car in Denver, driving through the night.  Number two said, "This must be what Area 51 looks like," strange and otherworldly.

Sure, its a red state, an open carry state; they voted to do away with the EPA. There's too much development. The West of my childhood, of LBJ's war on poverty and John Denver singing praise for the natural environment has turned to a focus on short term quarterly profits, without much thought to sustainability.

"There's a fall of empire quality here," mused Caroline.

But its still lovely, for now.

The landscape was still intriguing.  Between roller derby games, I hiked some of the Red Rocks trail, hauntingly beautiful red rock formations jetting out of the ground.

And found a favorite tree.

And listened to the birds outside our window.

A woodpecker pecked.

Ducks flew overhead.

And a robin danced in the distance.

At the tournament, I made buddies with the Topeka Kansas crew, who we play on Memorial Day.
They cheered for the Gotham Girls.

"Its like another world," explained one of the dads, wearing a Kansas Chiefs hat.

"I know what its like.  I saw Wizard of Oz."

Caroline worked the merchandise table, right by the Kansas table. We coveted each others' cool t shirts.  There's a cool punk derby quality to families who do derby. The kids learn how to fight and take a hit and still remain sports. Girl power is everywhere.  So is pink and purple hair.

The queer kids work the snack bar, their friends dropping by to chat.

The Gotham Girls won two out of three games, showing a ton of grit as they pulled away in the third match.

And we ate pizza with the sunset.

I love the morning sunrise in Colorado. 

So nervous!

There is a terrifying feeling watching your kids get smashed around.
Denver or bust. 

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