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#istandwithravi: Jericho Walk before D Day, #RaviRagbir faces deportation

#istandwithravi — with Ravi Ragbir and Micah Buceyin Manhattan, New York.

Thursday morning, I joined members of my congregation and the New Sanctuary Movement
for a Jericho Walk at Foley Square.

Its been a tough month since Jean Montrevil was deported, Ravi was taken into custody, released, and is now facing subsequent deportation.

At Foley Square we walkedsingle file around the federal plaza, housing Immigration Customs Enforcement and immigration court, the site "of extreme trauma for immigrant communities," notes the New Sanctuary Coalition.  "Our brothers and sisters come into this building with a real fear that they can be picked up and taken away from their families at any time. During the march, we walk in prayerful silence and pause at the front of the building where we raise our hands in prayer."

We walked in silence, meditating and reflecting on the suffering going on inside. 
I can only imagine what it must be life to face a hearing where i could be separated from my family. 

The march was joined by two counter protesters, carrying signs declaring "Deport Ravi" and "Ravi is a Felon."

"My dad used to always say, the law is an ass," I mentioned to my friend Bobby, before the rally started. "When they prosecute all the white collar criminals on Wall Street I'll start thinking otherwise."

After the first lap around the building, a man looked at the counterprots, ignored by everyone else, and declared: "Maybe we should deport you.  I'm Native American."

After the Jericho walk, Micah Bucey of the Judson memorial lead us in a Jericho Prayer. 

"They are using the language of war games, saying Saturday is d-day," explained Ravi after our walk. "There are more and more ICE officials and police around here.  They are getting ready... But we are showing the world New York is a city full of love.  Thank you for this lovefest," he smiled.

It had been otherwordly to see him at the rally after the chaos of the events on January 11th. 

On Friday, Ravi will be in court for a hearing about his case.  Saturday, he faces possible deportation.
In response, the New Sanctuary Movement "and their allies are calling for an emergency rally to show solidarity with Ravi and immigrant communities across America. This moment is urgent. This is bigger than any one case. ICE is escalating its attack on immigrants, and only our movement can stop them.

Bring your friends, your colleagues, your love and solidarity to demand a#NEWSANCTUARYCITY and show ICE that they cannot deport this movement."

First they came for the Muslims....with the numbers of immigrants being detained and deported,
activists have come to describe the process as a new form of ethnic cleaning.

The facebook invitation for the Jericho walk offered background:

#RaviRagbir faces deportation this week. New York, join us for the Jericho Walk on Thursday morning. Make no mistake: Ravi is being targeted for his activism on behalf of the undocumented community. We need to stand with him now. 

5pm #Vigil at 201 Varick Street
6pm #CommunityMeeting at 55 W15 Street

Our friend Jean Montrevil, a founder of New Sanctuary Coalition, was hurriedly, secretly and wrongfully deported by ICE to Haiti, we learned Tuesday morning. At the same time, Ravi Ragbir, our executive director, faces deportation.

Join the New Sanctuary Coalition Thursday at 11 a.m. for a Jericho Walk at 26 Federal Plaza, to demand Jean Montrevil's return, and Ravi's freedom. Come together with faith leaders, immigration activists, and community members for this march in silence and prayer in solidarity with Jean Montrevil, Ravi Ragbir and all immigrants who are facing deportation.

*** Following the Jericho walk, there will be an evening vigil at 5:00 p.m. at 201 Varick Street. ***

New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City shared a link."BREAKING NEWS: A new lawsuit alleging ICE’s targeting of activists across the country violates the First Amendment results in a new stay for Ravi’s deportation. Read more:…/ravi-ragbir-ice-immigration-dep…/SHOW UP TO OUR RALLY TOMORROW TO TELL ICE THEY CANNOT TARGET LEADERS AND OUR COMMUNITIES AND THE THOUSANDS WE ARE FIGHTING WITH! 9 AM at Foley Square!"
Joining us this Saturday?
Here's what you need to know for our  emergency rally  to protest Ravi's deportation.
Ravi is scheduled to be deported this Saturday, February 10th. We'll meet at 9am in Foley Square. Ravi has a hearing tomorrow that could delay his deportation - but this rally against ICE will happen no matter what.

During moments like this, it is easy to feel helpless. Here's what you can do to prepare and fight back.

Before Saturday
  • Make signs to bring with you. Some of our suggestions:
    • “Being undocumented is an act of civil disobedience”
    • “Detention is internment”
    • “Deportation = Violence”
    • “Defund ICE” or "Abolish ICE"
    • "Bring Back Our Disappeared"
    • "You Can't Deport a Movement"
    • "Bring Back Jean" and "I Stand With Ravi"
  • Invite 5 friends, coworkers, or family members to join you at the rally.
  • Post a selfie holding a sign of support ("I Stand With Ravi," "You Can't Deport a Movement") on Facebook and Twitter with a link to the Facebook event.
On Saturday
  • Bring an umbrella (there's rain in the forecast).
  • Remember to prioritize deescalation while Ravi is with us.
  • Follow the direction of marshals, who will be wearing neon vests.
Things are changing minute by minute. For the most up to date developments Ravi's case, text ISTANDWITHRAVI to 41411, follow us on Twitter ( @NewSanctuaryNYC ) and Facebook , and track the hashtags #IStandWithRavi and #NewSanctuaryCity.

See you on Saturday, in solidarity,
The New Sanctuary Coalit

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