Thursday, July 5, 2018

Delicious to the soul: Low Country Boil on Edisto Beach

Its one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten.  

Dave offers a simple version, but there are countless variations.  

We woke on the Forth of July ready to hit the beach. The rosy fingered dawn welcomed the day.  The little one did some drawing.  I wrote and corresponded with my uncle about the treacherous state of affairs in these latter days in the old USA  And we ran on the beach. 

"...not sure this experiment in democracy works anymore.  Looks like four of the nine supreme court justices will have been nominated by presidents elected by minorities of the voters.  The electoral college is a disaster."

Mom liked the idea of the boil. 

So Will and I went to the fish market for the crabs, to the grocery store for the sausage and other supplies.

A man was cooking ribs outside the Bo Lo.

I look like Dad, I commented wearing my new Edisto beach cap. 

We swam all afternoon.  The pelicans flew in formation; countless birds circling and diving in the water for food. The warm water supplying everyone with comfort. 

Out of the water, Will counseled, concerned about sharks. 

People tell shark stories.

Inside, we drank Tecates with lime and salt and cooked.

Its like a poor man's margarita, commented Will, who hadn't had one.

Helena made an aioli sauce with mayo and garlic. 

Can I have more crab asked Bruce. 

Delicious to the soul. 

Outside the pelicans flew overhead, the rosy colored sundown, drenched the beach in color. 
The kids played lacrosse.  

Look, there is a shark tooth. 

Maybe we should come back again next year?

Mom and I walked as the day ended.

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