Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kick Up for Justice New York City: Stand up for the Rockettes and all women openly oposing oppression by the patriarchy!

A couple of days ago, a few friends and I got together to talk about what kinds of actions we need to do in this new era.  Support those being kicked around - women, immigrants, healthcare, trade unionists, and queers. Don't put energy into hating.  My friend Catherine was particularly incensed the Rocketed were being forced to perform in the inauguration.  We kept on talking and talking.  And by the end of the evening, we had thought of an action - combing support for women, immigrants, outsiders, and Rockettes.

A few of us in the Public Space Party drafted a call to action.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE DANCE BIKE RIDE! Dress for the Rockettes and all women openly opposing oppression by the patriarchy!
Join PUBLIC SPACE PARTY Tuesday at noon and join the kickline for justice! We will ride bicycles to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and other sites we support; we'll end the ride at Radio City Music Hall to dance and support the women of the Rockettes who have, in an affront to the blatant misogyny of Donald Trump, put their jobs on the line in their decision to boycott performing at the upcoming inauguration. STAY STRONG. STAY VIGILANT. STAY KICKING!
Dress in your best red white and blue Rockettes wear!

WHAT IT IS: With the glaring intolerance of the incoming Trump administration, we in N...YC (and everywhere...!) support women's rights, workers' rights, immigrants' rights, and civil rights for all. We advocate for, and celebrate, women of all color, people from all nations, workers of all types, and the inalienable rights to clean waters and a protected environment.
Inspired by the Radio City Rockettes, many of whom decided to not perform for the misogynist Trump at the upcoming presidential inauguration, we kick in defiance and strength against injustices.

We will cheerfully and continually confront a system that that disregards civil liberties; that threatens deportation and inspires and condones bigotry, racism, and sexism.

We kick and dance proud and strong to remind our citizens that democracy depends on “WE the People” - that alternative leadership is possible - and that we must stand and support our brothers and sisters. It is up to us to continually stay vigilant and kick against injustice when we see it.

In the spirit of the Stonewall girls who wore their hair in curls and danced in a kickline in defiance of social mores, The Cockettes who revolted against normative performance approaches, we are Blockettes who block the Trump administration, and we are for, and from, the block.

We are ADVOCATTES, who speak out for justice and fun.
We are DEMOCRETTES, who love democracy for all.
We are NYC SPROCKETTES, who love and live bicycles for clean transportation and community.
We are LOCKETTES, who lockdown in direct action to defend against corporate environmental destruction.
We are XXXOCKETTES, who we fight the prudes.
And the JAQUETTES, who defend liberty, equality, fraternity.
In the face of these grim times, we will not cower in fear, we will step into the bright lights, harness the New Yorker spirit, because the show -- our fight for justice -- must go on! Come join the kick line! And the curtain is going down on bigotry! Give a standing ovation for human rights! It ain't over ‘til everyone is singin'! Don't give patriarchy a second act!

In this spirit, today, we’re visiting places all over New York which need support: the ACLU, Times Square, Planned Parenthood, Callen Lorde, and the Immigration Customs Enforcement to blockette out injustice! Together we can Kick out racism, sexism, fascism, etc.!

What: a mobile kickline on bikes
Where: starting at Astor Place Cube
Why: Resistance is the source of our joy

Wednesday, we met at the Astor Place cube. And made our way to Planned Parenthood - to support the idea that healthcare is a human right, ICE - to insist that no human being is illegal, to the #GovernmentSachs encampment in front of Goldman Sachs, and up to Rockefeller Center to support the Rockettes and all women to push back against the pussy grabber in chief.

We performed a mini-Rockettes kickline and Tin Soldier dance routine, followed by a people's version of New York, New York.   There we everyone to join the kickline for justice.

"New York, New York"

Start spreading the news We’re fighting today We want you to be a part of it  Rise up, New York

These high heeled shoes Are longing to kick Right through the very heart of bullshit Rise up, New York

We want to wake up in a city That’s affordable, protects Planned parenthood, values green spaces,  stands up for immigrants and minorities, de-militarizes the police, stamps out racism, sexism, and fascism And find we’ve still got the will to take the street!

These election blues Are melting away We'll make a brand new start of it in old New York

If We can make it here we’ll do away with fear It's up to us Kick back, New York!  

Kick Back NYC!

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