Monday, May 8, 2017

Trying to Laugh at the World When It All Goes to Hell

A funny lunch in Cold Spring.

Some weeks, its best to laugh at the world.  As the healthcare repeal moved through the house last week, I started getting emails stating that the Paris climate accord was in jeopardy, that the administration was doing away with it. It occurred to me that the things I've worked on hardest - healthcare, the environment and unions were all on the chopping blocks.  
My stomach started grinding. 
Its one step up and two steps back, my friend Gene replied as we listened to bands Friday night, two big steps back. 
Getting sick about it isn't going to help. History ebbs and flows. 
So, I spend the weekend with the family, exploring the neighborhood, taking pictures of graffiti, a cat sanctuary, people and restaurants for a school assignment with one of the kids, visiting the grandparents, walking through Mom's lovely garden in Princeton, back to Bushwick, Brooklyn, and up to Garrison, where we played music and wondered through flea markets in Cold Spring and Beacon, NY.  Al told us stories about the time the van broke down in Paris during the Blood Sweat and Tears tour.  And Mott the Hoople broke up.  Its always fun hearing about all the bands he worked with.  But who knew this list included the BeeGees?  Mom walked me through which flowers were surviving and which had crumbled during the recent storm.  And we looked at the beauty out there. 
It felt sooo good just to be for a second.  As the weekend ended, we heard France had walked back from the abyss.  Sure, the healthcare bill is horrible. But hopefully it doesn't become law. 
Already a backlash is forming.  So lets keep on laughing, even when its all falling apart. 

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