Wednesday, April 17, 2019

RIP Venus of Puna

Friends and family gathered on April 13, 2019 to celebrate Felix Rivera-Pitre's (Venus of Puna) life, with a service at Evergreen Funeral Home in Brooklyn. (Photo by Erik McGregor) — with Venus Asa Rivera-Pitre at Evergreen Funeral Home.

Venus was at Occupy.
Another vagabond hoping.
Word from Wall Street. 
Venus/ Felix
Punched by a cop.
Evicted by the city. 
You everywhere.
At Trans rallies.
With lots of glitter.  
I saw you at Faerie camp.
I saw you  at the AIDS demo in  DC.  
I saw you in the pops.
Or political funerals.
Venus walked over to say hello.
Getting a coffee.
Trans lives matter.
Everyone deserves a home. 
Trying to find a space in  the city. 
Sensitive to others' pain.
Occupy Wall Street a spiritual calling. 
Often betrayed.
Leaving for a while.
Coming back.
Leaving again.
Off to  Tennessee.
We missed saying  goodbye.
You felt betrayed.
Off you left. 
And then 
Back to the city. 
Squatting back and forth, 
through  the  shelter system. 
Fragile body, 
suffering in the cold.
 food scarcity issues, 
chemical  issues we were all going through. 
wasn't one to broadcast what  was really going on, 
Why don't we look for the living among the dead?
He is not here; he has risen!
In the streets.
Creative direct actions. 
of a different world. 
You are still everywhere. 

Felix at Occupride by Mickey Z.

  • Yonina Dahlia writes Felix was Peter Pan to my Wendy
  • Benjamin Heim Shepard Yonina Dahlia  
    ...send stories please.
  • Yonina Dahlia Benjamin Heim Shepard where do i begin... Having a Pagan eostara ritual at the Alice in Wonderland fountain in central park, being the only 2 protesters to crash Fashion Week in 2011 with our eyes covered in red streaks and glitter, celebrating 13 full moons together as one of my initiations to the Craft, him showing up at my house with a bag full of healthy treats from Whole Foods once every 2 weeks or so just because, him calling me every day while I was in hospital too zonked out to even recognize who it was, the first time he introduced me to the love of his life Matthew McQueen..... he was always reminding me to stay light hearted and always smiling and loving everyone even through hiding his own pain & suffering. One of the best friends a babywitch could ask for, and a brother/mentor/advisor/playmate til the end. I think of Felix every single day and I have a lot of his old things, like a hoodie a wrap up in whenever I need a big Pan hug. He was so beyond this world. We were all blessed to have him here while we did.

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