Friday, May 17, 2019

The Whole City Was Shaking: Protest! Trump Visiting NYC 5/16 @6PM 71 St.-5th Ave! #notmypresident #shutdownchase #defundclimatechange #divest #divestfromfossilfuels #stopthewilliamspipeline #NoKXL#StopDAPL @waterislife @Chase @RainforestActionNetwork

Trump is a force of hate,  police pens, and other scenes from the  President's fundraising visit. 
Diane Greene Lent

Monica Hunken, #shutdownchase
The whole city was hopping with action.
While Trump was on  his  way to town climate activists were busy making trouble.

Monica Hunken explains:

Happening right now! Climate activists erected and scaled a large, steel tripod structure, blocking 47th St at Madison Ave, directly in front Chase Bank’s headquarters, protesting their egregious funding of fossil fuels. While Chase shareholders from across the US are meeting at the bank's annual general meeting on May 21st in Chicago, we're here to tell them we won't put up with business as usual. While more species are going extinct, wildfires ravage the west, cities are lost to sea level rise and more water is polluted from spilled pipelines, we call on CEO Jamie Dimon of Chase Bank, the world’s biggest funder of fossil fuels, to stand on the right side of history.”

I was sitting at home trying to cope with a broken toe,
Stubbed the night before during dinner.

Writing and thinking and monitoring goings on.

Diane Greene Lent sent me an  invite to an event Hosted by Rise and Resist that my friend were going  to later in the day.
Join Rise and Resist! Trump is visiting NYC May 16, 6PM, 71St.-Madison. Check this event for any changes before event!
Another event on the Upper East  Side.
I could make it just before my union meeting.
On the way up,  the streets
Full security state apparatus on Madison and 71. I guess the pres is in town — in New York, New York.
At 72nd and Madison,  I
Ran into Anne
Who talked with me about the thousands of NYers out booing the president the last time he was in town. NY HATES U! they screamed.
She led me past the phalanx of police, cordoning off the  streets.
You can’t  stand here,  I was told standing at 71st and Madison on the sidewalk.
I took  their  picture.
You can’t do that.
Why does  my right  to peacefully access public space end
With the word security?
Or when the president comes to  town.
Who led me to the demonstration at 5th and 71st Street.
People were actually attending the fundraiser.
Collaborators, members of rise and resist screamed  at  the tanned,
 plastic surgeried faces of the  Trump supporters.
Democracy still counts here.
Sanitation trucks began to block off the streets.

In  honor of  the  president.
Who has done much  to turn our democracy into a reality tv show.
Some held impact Trump signs.
Ann held a sign declaring:
“Funding Trump Makes  You Complicit in  a Crime.”
Standing at  the picket line,  I  ran into 
Jonathan Ned Katz.

Your eulogy for  Allan Bérubé

Was wonderful, I told  him.
We chatted  about books.
I  commented  on  his anthology, Gay American History (1976),
That inspired Bérubé.
His book, the Invention  of Heterosexuality inspired  me:
“I had dinner with my father last night, and made a classic Freudian slip,” wrote
Katz “ I meant to say, “Please pass the salt,” but it came out, “You prick, you ruined my childhood.”
You  never know who you are going  to  run  into  a  demo.
Many of my friends were there, Diane, Kellen, Sean,  Zack, many.
Zack and I talked  about his  book.
And I told LAK about my book  review about her book/ essay about Rise and Resist.
I gotta run.
You’re leaving already.
I have a union  meeting at Wall  Street.
I told everyone.
Walking  out,
The police were cordoning people off  from  the action.
They stood with their arms crossed.
I tried to  ride downtown, but everything going South was closed  off.
“But I have meeting downtown,” I told a policeman.
“Everyone has something to do.  You’re gonna have to wait for the president.”
“I hate this guy,” noted one woman.
People were  zipping to and from away from the police.
“Thousands of cops, what  a waste of resources.”
“This is great,” noted another man as Trump passed.
“For him its great.  Much better than de Blasio or Obama.”
“Boo!!!!” people screamed.
“New  York hates you!!!!”
“DeBlasio is the second least qualified New  York running  from  president again,” noted  a woman standing by me.
“Boo…!!!!” I screamed getting a look at the smug president passed by. 
Finally  the motorcade passed.
The narcissist was gone.
But the  city was talking  about him.
I guess  that’s all  he wants.
It was like a reality TV show. 

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