Friday, September 6, 2019

The Amazon is Burning. But We’re Rising #ActNowForAmazonia #DefendDemocracyinBrazil

Act now for Amazonia! — at Central Park.

"Three street shut downs today with powerful drumming and dancing for the Amazonia. And a packed rally at the Brazilian embassy. We are rising! Ecocide is suicide, put out the fires! Thanks @defenddemocracyinbrazil @xr_nyc"  Photos and caption by Monica Hunken. 

Extinction  Rebellion was  meeting at Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan.

There I joined Lisa Fithian and Monica and the Extinction  Rebellion  crew

For  a swarm as  part  of  ACT NOW for Amazonia.

Activists pulled  a banner  across 6th Avenue.

Dancers filled the street,

Drawing attention to the issue. 

People screamed. 

A man ran through the banner on  his scooter.

“The Amazon is burning but we r rising. We are alive! We are fighting back!" declared Karlos.  

ACT NOW for Amazonia:

"The Amazon rainforest is being burned alive — a crime against the planet that threatens all life. In response to this state-sponsored ecocide and assault on indigenous communities by Bolsonaro, we are answering a call from Amazon Watch, the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), and Extinction Rebellion international to take action. September 5 has been declared Amazon day. We stand in solidarity with the people and species of the rainforest, with love and rage."

Music and dancing, speaking with our bodies what words cannot express.

Three street shut  downs,

reminding the world:
"This is an emergency"
"We need the amazon  rainforest to survive."
"Ecoside  is a crime against the  planet."
"Indigenous  people are under attack."
"The fires in Amazonia were started by people."
"Industrial agriculture is driving the problem."
"Destroying the rainforest imperils Earth and all  its inhabitants."
"Life itself depends on  it."

Bystanders thank us.

Actions took  place around the globe for Amazonia!

The Climate Strike is coming.

September  20th


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