Tuesday, September 24, 2019

United In Outrage: The Resistance March

Jay Walker last photo and caption.  "Some snaps from the Rise and Resist United In Outrage: The Resistance March this evening. A kickass march from Bryant Park to Washington Square Park. Thanks Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams for joining over a thousand fierce AF NYC Peaceful Resistance Warriors. No trumpalumpas to be seen."

The streets of New York are popping.
My friend Ken went to three actions yesterday.
I just went to one:
The United in Outrage Rise and Resist March.
Savitri and most everyone I know was  there.
Savitri posted:”No  Trump,  no KKK, no fascist USA, Public Space  is full of passion and fire this  week!”
“Rise and Resist March posted:
“Donald Trump will be in NYC to address the UN General Assembly on 9/24.

On Monday, 9/23, the evening before Trump is to speak, we will come together and march peacefully, united in outrage, to protest the many injustices of the administration, its accomplices, its supporters, and the harm done in its name.

The Resistance March will gather at Bryant Park and march down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park.

Bring your signs and banners proclaiming your fight, your issues, the change you are working toward. We’ll make every effort to make the march accessible for all.”
Late as usual,  I  had to follow the  police to find the action.
To impeach or not impeach, people debated.
Nancy doesn’t have the votes.
She should do it anyways.
Hashing out ideas.
Chanting, filling the public spaces of our city with energy.
I love you NYC!

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