Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Unite Behind the Science, Climate Emergency: No More Business As Usual #ClimateDEMANDS #ClimateCRISIS #ClimateACTION #GrassrootsUNITY #OrganizingEMERGENCY

No more gas , no more oil. Keep the carbon in the soil ! Blockade at grand army plaza!
"When the world’s lungs are on fire, don’t call in the arsonists!! Shutting down the streets at the Plaza/ meeting of Bloomberg’s entourage of global billionaires this morning. Thanks to early risers, no more business as usual. #extinctionrebellion"
Photos and caption  by Marnie Brady
"At today's climate emergency action, 59th & 5th"
Photo by LA Kauffman
 The planet is burning. The earth is on fire! Civil disobedience outside of The Plaza Hotel
Jamie Leo is with Jennifer Circus Amok. “BASTARD PROTESTORS SCREWING UP 
INNOCENT PEOPLE’S WORKDAY!!”, heard this morning shouted on Fifth Avenue, as peaceful 
demonstrators were getting arrested – again – in what feels to me to be an excruciatingly futile 
effort to stop this impending mass extinction. Much gratitude to the hero “bastards” who put their bodies in the (police)
 line on this deceptively beautiful morning.”  Photo and caption by Jamie Leo

Marnie Brady photos and caption. When the world’s lungs are on fire, don’t call in the arsonists!! 
Shutting down the streets at the Plaza/ meeting of Bloomberg’s entourage of global billionaires 
this morning.  Thanks to early risers, 
no more business as usual. #extinctionrebellion

"About 30 members of activist group Rise and Resist were arrested after disrupting "Business As Usual" at a Climate Emergency protest
 outside the Bloomberg Global Business Forum held at the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street and 5th Avenue on September 25, 2019, blocking traffic
 at the intersection to protest the continued investment in the carbon economy despite overwhelming scientific evidence that to do so endangers
 human survival. (Photo can caption by Erik McGregor)"

During  the  Rise and  Resist United in  Outrage march on Monday night, my friend Zack passed out this flyer announcing an action on Wednesday:

“During U.N. Climate Week, corporate leaders and public policy makers will gather at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum on 9/25 to discuss solutions to the climate crisis they helped create.


For too long, attendees at this meeting have ignored climate science. Despite grave warnings, they’ve poured tens of billions into the fossil fuel industry and hundreds of millions more into climate denial. In the pursuit of profit they have created the climate emergency that threatens our continued existence on earth. If power brokers like Jamie Dimon, Gary Cohn, and Henry Kissinger want to be part of the solution they must radically change their thinking, their strategy and their sense of urgency.
It’s Climate Week, the Amazon is burning, and the emergency becomes more dire every day. The eyes of the world will be on the people at this conference, and we will be there too.

Wake up bright and early and join Rise and Resist and allies for a nonviolent demonstration as the forum participants arrive for breakfast, to demand of them that they:

- Get off fossil fuels now
- Stop fracking now
- Halt pipeline projects now
- End forest destruction now.
- Protect vulnerable communities
- Create a just transition to renewable energy
- Stop pouring money into the deadly carbon economy

It is too late for incremental solutions. Our future depends on the courage we show today.

“What a strange world, where we think we can buy or build our way out of a
crisis that has been created by buying and building things.” -Greta Thunberg.”

All day, people had been buzzing about Greta’s appearance at the  UN, upstaging world leaders.
Saying and  doing the right thing.

MONDAY WAS AMAZING!,” wrote Todd Fernandez

“First, join the WEDNESDAY ACTION (9/25).  Climate Emergency: No More Business As Usual.  Focus:  Bloomberg Global Business Forum.  8 AM. Plaza Hotel.   FB.  Time to escalate!  #ClimateCRISIS #ClimateACTION”

And escalate  the activists did,  blocking traffic in  all  directions outside the  Plaza.  Rise and Resist and Extinction Rebellion, AIDS activists, performance artist Jennifer Miller of Cirkus Amok,  photographer Ken Schles.  There was Zack,  who’d help organize the action, standing in  the street, sounding the alarm. 

Outside the Plaza,  LA Kauffman observed:
"When your house is on fire, you don't call in the arsonists": Climate emergency protesters shutting down Fifth Avenue this morning outside the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, at the Plaza Hotel, where many of the world's greatest climate criminals are gathered. The wrong people ended up in handcuffs.

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