Monday, November 21, 2016

Garden Supporters to de Blasio: Visit Elizabeth Street Garden, Save Our Garden!

On Monday morning, I got an invite to go meet with supports of Elizabeth Street Garden.  
We were going to meet at Cooper Union where the mayor was speaking.  Our task, to ask
 the mayor, who has said he would, to come visit our garden and hopefully stop the call 
proposal to bulldoze the garden.

With flurries in the air, I rode to join the other gardeners, who’ve been writing and
 lobbying the mayor and other elected officials to save the garden. 

“The city has not gone after gardens like this since the late 1990s,” I argued chatting
 with the other garden supporters standing with our signs.

“Gayle Brewer’s office says it’s a done deal,” noted another woman.

“No, this will be a huge PR black eye for the mayor,” I followed recalling the days
 of Esperanza Garden, when the city went after the legendary East Village Community 
Garden in 2000.

“We want to invite him, not scream at him,” noted another supporter.
Just then the mayor walked by.

We gave him a flyer.

“Come visit the garden!” we screamed.  He kept on walking, not smiling, not 
acknowledging us. Environmental issues seem off his radar. He looked tired.  
It must be exhausting to sell out the communities he committing to supporting 
and working with when he was elected.

“You promised to be the mayor for all New Yorkers,” I screamed as he walked 
by. Not just developers.

Garden supporters in action. 

Hello Garden Volunteers,

Invite the Mayor to Visit the Garden!
Join us on Monday as we show the Mayor how much the Garden means to us.
Cooper Union Great Hall
Monday, Nov 21, 10 – 11 a.m.
7 East 7th Street (b/n 3rd & 4th Aves.)  Meet at the Peter Cooper Statue.

This is not a protest, but an invitation to the Mayor to visit the Garden made 
more powerful by your presence!
Mayor de Blasio said he would "happily" visit Elizabeth Street Garden when
 asked by a Garden supporter on the Brian Lehrer Show.  Help us re-extend 
the invitation in front of the Great Hall at Cooper Union where the Mayor is 
scheduled to give a major speech at 11 a.m.    
Please email me directly if you can attend!
To attend the Mayor's speech, RSVP here.

Write the Developers
Take 2 minutes to let potential developers know how committed we are 
to saving 
Elizabeth Street Garden before they spend time and money preparing 
proposals for the City.
Click here to Submit a letter today!

Let's open the Garden on Thanksgiving and Christmas!
In town for the holidays?  Interested in volunteering an hour of your time?
Click here to sign up between 11:00am and 4:00pm
Many of us need a breath of fresh air during what can be a stressful time of year.

Volunteer an hour
 of your time to keep the Garden open on the days that our 
ACE staffers have a well deserved break!

See you in the Garden!
Lately, garden supporters have been writing the developers themselves to implore 
them to step back from this project.

Dear Developer:

Elizabeth Street Garden is a beloved neighborhood park that our community 
is fully committed to saving. We will fight the development process every 
 step of the way — politically, legally and economically.

We will accept no compromise to keeping the entire park. Our community 
values all 20,000 square feet of Elizabeth Street Garden. This beloved 
 neighborhood park, the “soul of our neighborhood,” cannot be replaced 
 by a few benches and planting beds sandwiched between buildings 
and luxury retail. 

I encourage you to visit Elizabeth Street Garden or take a virtual tour 
by viewing recent videos and annual report photos at to see why the Garden is:

- The only green space in our park-starved neighborhood.

- The focus of a grassroots movement supported by residents and local 
small businesses that have sent more than 5,000 letters of support to the 

- Too small a site for both a meaningful park and a successful 
affordable housing project.

- Located on a former public school site that was long ago, in 1981, 
promised for public open space and recreation.

- Supported as a public park by almost every local elected official 
— Representative Jerrold Nadler, State Senator Brad Hoylman, 
State Senator Daniel L. Squadron, Assemblymember Deborah J. 
Glick, Assemblymember-elect Yuh-Line Niou and NYC Comptroller 
Scott M. Stringer, as well as Manhattan Community Board 2, former 
NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, and 16 parks and
 community organizations listed at

Saving Elizabeth Street Garden has united our local community like no 
other cause or initiative. We invite you to visit the Garden to understand 
 why it is so special. And instead of submitting a proposal, please help us 
save our special park and make a positive contribution to public life in 
New York City.

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