Monday, November 7, 2016

Gotham Girls Take out Philly

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NY Through the Lens

Sunday, the JR Gotham Girls took on Philadelphia.  The scrimmage was taking place at the Crash Pad in Bushwich.  We made our there, wandering past a dead rat and graffiti for an an afternoon of fantastic roller derby.  Some kids are into soccer or football.  Inspired by Whip It, these kids are into smashing it out with each other.  All afternoon the parents watched scrimmages with kids from Boston and Philly, debating the election, refreshing their 538 Blogs in between matches. I can't even make it through the match without checking. Number one and two had the games of their lives, making it through the scrum, stumbling over bodies, to score at will, over and over again. The Scarlett Schreddar, Little Orphan Slammy, and Bernie Slammers thrived. Nothing better than watching your kids grow and conquer their challenges. So, for an afternoon we distracted ourselves and watching the kids thrive.

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