Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Rocks in NYC, Especially Brooklyn

Number One channeling her inner Audrey.

All weekend long, we planned and reveled in the festive vibe of New York City, the streets full costumes, the anarchist cyclists at Bike Kill on Saturday afternoon, the dancing scenesters at the Gemini and Scorpio Party on Saturday, and so on.  But my favorite part of the Halloween is the plain joyous site of the kids out enjoying, walking the streets trick or treating on Halloween day itself. 

Our teenager dressed like Audrey.  She was off with a gaggle of buddies in Park Slope.  So number two Caroline and I planned to go to Dumboween, to hear the Funkarest Brass Band and walk. When she got home from school, we ran next door, where our friends were dressed like the Royal Tenenbaums. 

We grabbed one of them, dressed as a card shark, giving people a choice: card trick or a treat.  Number two dressed in some bubble rap we got from some books we ordered, very diy.  And we made our way to Dumbo, heard the bands, and zipped back up to Cobble Hill, where we walked down Clinton Street, greeting friends.  This is my favorite image of what Halloween can and should be here. Kids smiling, dressed as ghosts and murdering tennis players, moms as suffragettes, girls as Nacho Libre, the majestic Autumn.

Within a few hours, we ran out of steam and retreated for Jolie Cantina and called it a Halloween, divied up the plunder, and gave most of it away. 

I wanted to eat more.  But the family is always there to remind me, "A minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips."

Number two eventually joined us, telling us about her adventures, gobblins and gouls had their way with the night and we all slept!

Big smiles in the girl's favorite comic store after an awesome Halloween!

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