Friday, August 25, 2017

DYCD is Trippin' Rally to House 21-24 Homeless Youth and other adventures in a long hot summer

Photos from the Brooklyn Streets and the DYCD is Trippin' Rally to House 21-24 Homeless Youth!
ACT UP legend Eric Sawyer

picture of this blogger by Erik McGregor

Summer would not be summer without a little heat, a little stir crazy, and a little more heat.
So we passed our days as summer slowed in the hot days of August.

We walked the streets of holy Brooklyn, where the paint fills the walls, the kids play in the streets, and people watch baseball.  Some guys were making a mural.

We made to Coney Island for he Cyclones and the arcades.

We walked along the Gowanus.

And streets filled with youth demanding a place to call home.  

Everyone needs a place to sleep in this crazy city, yet not everyone does,
activists reminded the city during the DYCD is Trippin' Rally to House 21-24 Homeless Youth!

We gathered at City Hall to call on Mayor Bill De Blasio, the New York City Council, and the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) to extend the age that homeless youth can receive housing in residential programs for homeless youth funded by DYCD until the age of 25. 

This is a hard city.

But there were Jawanza, Ramon, Eric and Kate all demanding the city house the poor.

"DYCD raise the age! LGBTQ Youth need housing!"

"Our safety is not an option!"

"Raise the age!"

In recent weeks, the Governor raised the age at which homeless young people can seek emergency housing separate from the adult shelter system from 20 to 24. Now its city's turn to fund shelter beds for this population.

"Now they have no excuse, and it’s our job to hold them accountable.” Queer youth need safe housing! 

We rallied, testified, and marched to the DYCD office and let the city know, we have to do more.

And the summer stretched on into the distance. 

Scenes from the DYCD is Trippin' Rally to House 21-24 Homeless Youth!

Summers nights Brooklyn USA.

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