Monday, June 17, 2019

Cannibals Eat at the Living Prom!

Scenes from the big show at  the Living  Artists  Prom at the Living Gallery

Congrats to Cannibal Girl singer Maya starring in  the Dead Don't Die.

For  a long while there,  I used to  go the Living Theater  to see Judith  Malina and company  remind us there   is no line between us  and then, audience and performer. We’re all a part of the living  theater and its bountiful “beautiful non-violent anarchist revolution.”

It felt a bit like that Saturday watching the teens spill onto the sidewalk outside the  Living  Gallery on Broadway in Bushwick.

Kids were  hanging out.
Max’s dad was busy trying  to keep  the  kids  from clogging up the sidewalk.

The Cannibal Girls were the second to last to  play.

Every show, the Cannibal Girls get stronger, their set list a more innovative mashing  of riot grrrl and the surreal.

“We have Dodi over here and Josie on  drums,” Maya introduced the band.  “We’re the Cannibal Girls and we eat men,” they screamed before their 28  minute, eight song set.
They started with:

Fairytale of  the  Supermarket by the Raincoats.

Followed  by:
Basement Song
Kats and Kittens
She Walks on Me by Hole
Steve Buschemi by Klit Cats.

Like the Living Theater,  the Cannibals shows thrive as an interaction between audience  and band, the line between  performers  and dancers blurring, overlapping, feeding each other. 

Early in the set, Maya asked that audience step back and try not to knock the speakers down like  last time.

“Sorry  about that,” gushed a fan standing  by me.

With  each song, more  and more  audience members  crawled on the shoulders of dancers  to crowd surf.

The mosh pit becoming  more and more elaborate.

Maya reminds the audience  to dance with each, but only with  consent. 

Dodi and Josie’s base propel the crowd while  Maya guids the crowd.

Before “She Walks on  Me,” Maya asks  the guys to step back so the women could have a “fem mosh!”

Punk rock  and feminism offer countless in countless  ways. 
Kathleen Hannah
Bikini Kill
The Slits
And the
Cannibal Girls!

“Now everyone!”  Maya screamed,  inviting everyone to join.

Everyone jumped into the Mosh pit.

“This is our last  song.  It’s a very short song. So go as hard as you fucking can,” Maya screams as they begin “Steve Buschemi!” Dodi howling like a Banshee!


“Once again, the Cannibal Girls  ate  me alive,” one  of  the audience members was heard mumbling on the way outside after  the show.

Best  Cannibal  Girls  show ever.

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