Thursday, June 6, 2019

“Connecting with the living”: And House of Yes… or Maybe and the Friends of Summer.

The house and yes and friends  of summer. 

 Sometimes the city swirls around us.
Friends come over.
Feel the terror. 
Several sat up late on Saturday night,
And into Sunday
Chatting away.
Finding a bit of solace in each other.
In  her Blog, Emily Gallagher traced the scene
“ later in the evening, several bottles of wine in, i had a moment when i looked in my friends eyes and i felt like i was holding that smiling and trusting child’s hand again.  i felt innately understood and like i was being given something and i wasn’t going to have to give things away to get it.  I was being given admiration, love, understanding.  I was being given connection that i didn’t fight for or earn or wrestle.  I was being given openness in return for openness, and true selves revealed nakedly.  There is such relief in being naked.
This look from my friend was a quick look, but a meaningful one.  Connecting with the living, not having to hide or give up anything, not having to make some insane promise or carry a load to earn it, or soothe it or crutch it, not having to cry for it.  Just love and respect and warmth. I can’t get it out of my head. “
That’s what it felt like.
Connecting  with the living.
Making plans to live.
Just tell  em,
You are about to turn fifty.
Practice it.
So I tell  everyone.
I’m about to turn 50.
Solidarity expands.
We make more plans.
Lets go to the Cock.
You got it.   
Tonight we go to the queerest places.
At the House of Yes!:
“We've concocted our best show ever.
We've got games, prizes, and queer burlesque babes of all sorts.
…make sure you have the #bestnightever:
• YES, it’s Pride month! Pride is a time to center our queer friends & family. Everyone is welcome! If you are a straight ally, we ask that you honor this important month by giving space to queer folks, amplifying their voices, and allowing them to celebrate their queerness freely. Learn more about how to be a straight ally during Pride here.
• YES, we have zero tolerance for homophobia, transphobia, harassment, unwanted touch, or any other kind of harm or discrimination. If someone is making you uncomfortable in our space, please come talk to any staff member immediately - we will help you!
• YES, arrive early! Doors open at 7pm. Free entry all night.
Bikini Kill did not sell out.
Neither did the Runaways.
Cherry Bomb.
Greg, Leslie and me.
Talking consent.
And the city.
Reclaiming Pride.
Stonewall was a riot.
Arrest us just try it.
Drag shows.
Look at that.
Not  very amateur at all.
My camera can’t come  close to capturing  the feeling.
So we play.
And take it in.
Drink outside in the rain.
Before the Taco truck calls.
Greg orders.
We gossip and make our way back home.
Down Jefferson back to the Gowanus!!!
Reclaim Pride.
Reclaim our lives.
“On June 30 the Queer Liberation March will honor the Stonewall Rebellion 50 years ago with a call to renew the fighting spirit of our movement. Instead of the corporate-dominated and over-policed pride parade, we’re working shoulder to shoulder with other communities and building a force strong enough to turn this country around! Come be a part of our #QueerMarch!”

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