Friday, June 28, 2019

When Summer Shimmers, Rainy Days and Comic Books

Horsing around and reading new comics.

School was long this year.
It took a few days to get it out of her system.
But it finally did.
We made our way to Bryant Park, meeting friends.
Ms Mary  Mack, Mack, Mack, we played.
Dad you don’t know it.
Katie and Mary joined us.
Off to look at pens and paper.
Supplies for summer camp.
Studying comics.
You guys know about Stonewall don’t  you?
No, lets go to the  exhibition.
Its across the street.
There we look at Bob and Sylvia and Marsha and the other heroes of that  glorious June
Five decades ago.
The kids are so cool going to the library for a play date.
Before long we make our way back to our favorite Japanese bookstore across the  street.
Eating rice balls and enjoying bubble tea.
Taking in the manga.
Manga, manga, manga everywhere.
A new aesthetics.
Should we walk to the Swatch store to get my watchband repaired?
Ok,  its only a few blocks.
Maybe 35 to the East Village.
Rain trickles.
And the sky opens up.
I’m not afraid, says the little one.
Are you guys?
Are you dad?
We all come from the Goddess.
She sings.
More rain.
More giggles.
Clothes soaked.
More laughter.
Maybe we should take the train.

Off to a sleepover with friends.
No sleep.
I was up all night, confessed the next day.
Walking  back.

We all had dinner together,  holding the rare moment we were all together  before summer separated us into parts unknown.
The teenager Tokyo.
Dad Prague.
The little one is to camp reading graphic novels.

I am reading  the most beautiful comics Dad.
Miss you,  she texted.
Miss you too little  one. 

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