Monday, March 22, 2021

Gowanus Rezoning = Real Environmental & Health Risks: Community Members Express Concerns about the City's Intention to Place Housing on a Site that Would Be Dangerous to Public Health #nogowanusrezone


@martinbisibc says no one should have to live on poisoned land. #nogowanusrezone

GOWANUS, BROOKLYN - After decades of neglect and environmental injustice in Gowanus, concerned residents, long-term activists and community organizations have come together to speak out as Voice of Gowanus.

Standing at the border of contaminated site at "Public Place", Gowanus (Corner of Hoyt Street and 5th St. Brooklyn, New York City - near 424 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231), community members announce new environmental baselines. 

Activists collaborate with scientists to put forth requirements for JUST & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN GOWANUS. They lay out key environmental baselines to protect the health and safety of current and future residents from the proposed rezoning's plans. The baselines seek to begin to repair the devastating effects of decades of systemic neglect by state and city agencies.

Community members make clear our unequivocal demand for federal agency involvement in preparing the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Gowanus rezoning. To achieve social and environmental justice, our community must demand that our public officials learn the facts, listen to scientific expertise, and adhere to legally-mandated safeguards. Given the serious environmental problems in Gowanus, any EIS for the proposed rezoning must be prepared with full co-lead agency involvement of relevant federal agencies or it will not be valid.

If the Gowanus rezoning is approved, the city would allow housing to be built on the Public Place site, putting the health of residents at risk from chemicals volatilizing and get trapped in buildings.  Carcinogenic coal tar plumes extend over 150 feet below Public Place and much of it will remain following the remediation plans and continue to pose a danger to the community. 


Activists speak out about the baselines:

A just and sustainable development is possible. #nogowanusrezone

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