Sunday, September 24, 2017

Funeral March to Bury TrumpCare

 We met on Saturday the 23rd at Times Square at the Armed Forces Center between w43 and 44th for the funeral march to stop the zombie republican health care bill.

Those on hand wore black.   Some carried their own signs and funereal props.  Others came in wheel chairs to tell their own health care stories.  Several of the activists from Rise and Resist, who were arrested on Monday, were there. 

"The police pulled at either arm," noted Jenny Heinz. "When I told them they were pulling on my bag around my neck," they insisted they did not touch me."

On Saturday, they were working with a coalition of groups to highlight the problems with the republican healthcare plan to take away our healthcare. 

Its seems more like they just want to get something passed, noted one man. 

Another bemoaned the profit driven model of US healthcare that costs as much as Europe's model and covers far less people. 

The Senate has until September 30th to pass the bill through the process of reconciliation which allows a simple majority without a filibuster. 

Healthcare activists are doing everything they can to kill this bill and get back to the bipartisan work necessary to actually improve the ACA and move us toward a more efficient single payer model. 

The new “Graham-Cassidy” bill is the worst yet.  It will repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), end Medicaid as we know it, drastically cut health care spending, and defund Planned Parenthood.  It also lets states eliminate many of the ACA’s consumer rights & protections that benefit everyone, no matter what kind of coverage you have.

Who loses?
·         Seniors, Women, Children
·         People with disabilities, special health needs, and pre-existing medical conditions
·         Workers who don’t have coverage from their job
·         Low-income people, and military veterans
·         People who need comprehensive benefits, like addiction treatment and maternity care
·         States like New York who’ve done the right thing under Medicaid and the ACA
·         States that want to set up their own single-payer-style universal health care programs

32 million people will lose their health insurance, including over 1 million New Yorkers.  New York State will lose $19 billion in federal health care funds over the next decade.

Acting together, we stopped them from killing our health care this past summer. This new bill is their last-ditch effort.  We can do it again!

Who:                       Sponsors  ACT UP/NY; Center for Independence of the Disabled-NY, Fight Back Bay Ridge; Get Organized Brooklyn Safety Net Defenders; Health Care for America Now-NYC; Hunger Action Network of NYS; Metro NY Health Care for All; Indivisible Nation Brooklyn; National Physicians Alliance-NY; NY Immigration Coalition; Physicians for a National Health Program-NY Metro; Progressive Doctors, Rise and Resist; UWS MoveOn-Indivisible Action Group


My heros from Rise and Resist, thankfully not in jail this time.
"We went back and marshaled a demo where some of us got arrested less than a week earlier. We refuse to be intimidated.
Thanks Benjamin Heim Shepard!"

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