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The Resistance Expanding and Connecting, Somos 11 Millones: Fight for DACA and ALL Immigrants, End Global LGBTQ Persecution NOW! #SinDACASinMiedo #Somos11Millones

Somos 11 Millones: Fight for DACA and ALL Immigrants, End Global LGBTQ Persecution NOW! #SinDACASinMiedo #Somos11Millones

These days it seems like everything is intersected, connected in all sorts of ways.  Last week I wrote about the connections between immigration and climate change.

“Climate change is going to make us all migrants,” wrote my friend Louis as he fled Irma making its way to Florida.  Already spaces, such as St Martin, are experiencing food shortages.

People become migrants and refugees for any number of reasons.  This was on my mind as we made our way through the weekend of demos, bike rides, and explorations of the streets of New York. Its difficult not to see these issues connect riding through New York City. Part of what makes New York thrive is its immigrant mix, adding flavors, colors and spaces, ideas and innovations.

Friday I rode my bike through Bushwick; Saturday up to Central Park for the Somos 11 Millones: Fight for DACA and ALL Immigrants rally, and Sunday, we made our way from the West Village to the  End Global LGBTQ Persecution NOW rally at the UN!  

Listening to the story of a gay man from Nigeria, who recalled his struggles seeking asylum in the US, I was struck by how many similarities his story had with the stories of those seeking to preserve DACA.  Fleeing Nigeria where state policy supports execution of gay people, he was left to languish in a detention center for six months making his case.

It was the worst torture you could possibly imagine, he explained. To not see the sun or the rain, locked inside because I was seeking justice and freedom in the US.

It we do not support freedom today, it may not be around for anyone tomorrow, he explained.

It was a chilling reminder.

You can’t condemn people coming to experience the freedom your ancestors once struggled to experience, explained another speaker.

But today, the administration is turning down asylum requests and creating more detention center, where more people languish.

And more and more of us are seeing the ways these problems are linked.

For today, the Resistance Movement is only expanding, making connections on the ground. 

"Why do you go to so many protests dad?"the kids asked after the UN demo.  "Besides to see your friends.'

"Well, seeing my friends is important. But so is speaking out to history, to the world, to show there were people who opposed this.  To gather with people ready to resist.  That matters."

Somos 11 Millones: Fight for DACA and ALL Immigrants
Columbus Circle

Trump’s decision to end DACA will cause a crisis for the entire immigrant community. Nearly one million DACA recipients will lose their livelihoods, become targets for deportation, and no longer be able to provide for their families.


The White House plans to use our pain as a “bargaining chip” to get Congress to fund a border wall. Trump wants us to be desperate enough to negotiate our humanity. We will not let that happen.

We are a movement of thousands fighting for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for ALL immigrants! We are taking the streets and making our voices heard. Join our undocumented leaders as we stand up for our community.

***Undocumented leadership is explicit that this event is nonviolent in its entirety. Nonviolence is the shield that reflects the true perpetrators of the state violence that our people suffer from daily. We feel pain from the abuses of the police and others, and we will keep exposing their violence through our discipline.***

Movimiento Cosecha is a movement fighting for the permanent protection, dignity and respect for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country.

End Global LGBTQ Persecution NOW!
Hosted by Rise and Resist
Sunday September 10th at 2 PM. Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, E 47th street.

A Rally in Advance of the 2017 United Nations General Assembly

From September 12 - 20, the United Nations General Assembly will convene their annual meeting. Join us two days earlier, on Sunday, September 10 to call the attention of the delegations to the persecution of their LGBTQ citizens that scores of member states, on almost every continent, are pursuing or permitting. We plan to rally in solidarity with the global LGBTQ community and demand that the United Nations' own Universal Declaration of Human Rights be respected and recognized as applying to LGBTQ citizens. Speakers with experiences as immigrants, asylum seekers and asylees, and representatives from human rights organizations will share their stories.

Internationally, LGBTQ people are increasingly facing violence and persecution from either the state, religious institutions acting in the name of the state, or extra-judicial mobs operating with impunity from the state. Even in countries that have signed on to the 2006 General Assembly declaration of LGBT rights, not enough is being done to ensure that LGBTQ people are protected within their borders.

As activists and people of conscience worldwide watch in horror as LGBTQ people are rounded up, detained, imprisoned, kidnapped, tortured, and murdered, it is imperative that the United Nations take a forceful stand in denouncing these horrific acts and demand that member states protect LGBTQ citizens from the mob violence that is too often the result of their anti-LGBTQ policies. It is equally imperative that the United States and other signators of the declaration of LGBT rights adopt less restrictive and less onerous asylum policies and procedures in order to adequately address the unique traumas that persecuted LGBTQ people can be forced to endure.

Finally, it is also imperative that the moral, ethical Americans take a forceful stand on all of these issues, as our current presidential regime possesses neither the ethical understanding nor moral strength necessary to ensure that the United States continues to strive to live up to its ideals in order to truly be a beacon for global human rights.

Co-Sponsored by:
Spectrum Uganda Initiatives

From the Desk of President Hotzler: Statement Regarding the Decision to Rescind DACA

September 8, 2017

President Trump’s decision to rescind DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) stands in stark contrast to all the ideals and aspirations we value.  The City Tech community is unwaveringly committed to educating and protecting those students who are in DACA status. They are valuable, and valued, members of the City Tech family and deserving of our full support. Many of us, in one way or another, come from immigrant backgrounds. Our hearts go out to the Dreamers in our midst who want nothing more than the opportunities we have enjoyed, the opportunities on which this nation was founded.
We stand together with our students.
Those who share our feelings in support of Dreamers should make those feelings clear to their elected representatives. Until a legislative solution is in place, students with DACA status should be careful not to leave the U.S, and should avoid situations that might endanger their status. It is also critical that those students whose DACA permits expire between now and March 5, 2018, apply for a two-year renewal by October 5, 2017.
Students should take advantage of the support offered by the University, in particular Citizenship Now!, This CUNY office has supported new immigrants since 1997, and is available to answer questions and offer advice from skilled attorneys without charge.
Attached you will find contact information for CUNY Citizenship Now! and other DACA resources.
Thank you.

Russ Hotzler,

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