Monday, May 7, 2018

No Pipelines! No Tar Sands! #defundtarsands

On Wednesday, Gabrielle told me about today’s action, during Andrew Boyd’s monthly activist salon.
After the prior week’s of environmental actions, I wasn’t entirely up for it.
But the issue was right.
So I made my way up to Grand Central on my bike, meeting my friends at the Information Booth in the middle. A part of my always thinks of college here.
I greeted George and Galicia and Tim, who rode to and from Albany with me the week before.
Savitri walked up to George to greet George, her neighbor.
What does it mean that the entire environmental movement knows each other,
pondered George.
Billy was posing for pictures.
Kim was organizing people to carry art.
Hugh was talking about his ethnography of deep hanging out.
Its kindov earnest these days.
No Pipelines! No Tar Sands! No destruction of indigenous lands, we screamed making our way our of Grand Central, on our way to Chase for the direct action.
I took a picture of erik taking a picture of us. 
At a certain point, I rode off, needing yoga, not action, less voices than the ones already dancing through my head.
And the activists continued, marching forward.
As the facebook invite declared.

Join us in New York City as we work to #ShutDownChase and #defundtarsands for good.

We'll be meeting at 11amEST in the middle of Grand Central Station (you'll spot us with lots of signs and banners!).

*Please bring signs, posters, banners and friends as we march to let JPMorgan Chase know we mean business when it comes to defunding tar sands*

JPMorgan Chase is one of the most destructive businesses on the planet. Since Trump took office Chase has quadrupled its investments in tar sands oil and increased its financing of coal by over 2,000%. Yeah, the hurricanes may be brewing and the wildfires raging, but the 1% gotta make more money, right? Enough is enough! This planet is worth more than shareholder dividends and bankers bonuses.

We are calling for New Yorkers to show up in a MAJOR way alongside of others around the country for a national day of action that makes it clear to JPMorgan Chase: financing climate disaster and abuses of Indigenous Rights is not acceptable business practice. It's time to take our fight to JPMorgan Chase’s front doors, right here in NYC. 

JPMorgan Chase & its CEO Jamie Dimon are funding destruction to our communities, we need to stand up and show them we won't tolerate threats to our clean water and air.

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