Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sparkle, Shimmer, Shine Her Eyes - Summer Opens, Chinatown Intrigues, and Coney Island Beckons.

an afternoon in chinatown!


Life can be lonely.  There is no doubt about it.  We can miss our friends.  Some go too early. 
Some never come back. 
 Scenes can change.
Noonday demons grasp.

We don't understand.  Everyone else is in on a joke.  But not us. 
Thats not funny. 

Growing up can be hard.

"The sky blurs—there’s a storm coming
up or down. A lank cat slinks liquidly
around a corner. How familiar
it feels to feel strange..." notes William Mathews.

But the feeling passes.
Seasons change.

Spring passes to summer.
Classes end.

Kids grow up and graduate.

Grades get turned in. 

Memorial day arrives along with the rain.

A trip to Chinatown lightens the mood.

Men sit selling Gucci knockoffs on Canal Street.
Some things never change.

The dim sum is delicious.

Kids throw pop rocks and talk about plot twists.
Its hard to hold the story line. 

We run up the alley. 

The Cavs and Warriors meet again.

And the summer opens up a world of possibilities -  
books to be completed, magazine articles to read, Wild Strawberries 
and old movies to finally watch, road trips to camp, between here 
and Vermont, birthdays and drag marches, trips to South 
Carolina, Brussels and Berlin, Italy and back to holy Brooklyn.

For a moment, Coney Island beckons. 

The beer is delicious. 

The warm sand feels like a homecoming under our toes, 
lulling us to sleep. 

Mom and the not so little one sit in the sun, 
feeling the warmth of being alive, just for a moment. 

Looking at the garden thrive in the back yard. 

A tree reaches into the blue sky. 

Mom, number one and mon amore at the beach.


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